[Path Notes] 1.0.5 alpha!

Dear Users

These days we have been working on the new version of, this version aims to correct the errors found in other versions and implement new improvements for the initial user.

Without further ado, I leave the patch notes of this version:

  • Implemented the download button in the user control panel.
  • Initial work implemented in the internal management of projects.
    Some location errors were corrected.
  • Now the page will remember the language in which you visited the website.
  • Cleaning of codes, and correction of some internal functions that generate errors.
  • The debugging of errors was activated, through the database.
  • The loading of the images has been improved.
  • The load of the partners has been improved (to enable the section soon).
  • The loading of style sheets has been improved.
  • Some parts of the code have been moved for a better organization of the structure (if you find errors, send it to the bugtracker).
  • We updated our API 0.1.5 (Now the licenses have already adequately supported the subdomains).

Thank you all for trusting