[Update #1] Appearance and other characteristics

Dear users

A few days ago the website was updated with a design more pleasing to the eye than the traditional white, today we have continued working on premise to offer a better service and streamline the process to request licenses.

Although our premise will always be to offer a free service (without touching the freemium model), it is true that we have begun to fine tune our licensing system and the way to request them.

Undoubtedly, the data that I have collected in a quick glance based on users / requested licenses and then I have courted it with the number of support tickets that we have received, have left me overwhelmed, rather in the side of finding a logic of "why the steps prior to the license validation are not performed".


  • 29% of registered users have sent the support ticket.
  • 14% of registered users have not requested licenses (From here we would have to remove possible bots).

What leaves us worried, since it is not difficult to send a support ticket. We are also aware of the errors that the website has suffered and we have been fixing them.


  • [FIX # 001] The problems of the licenses registered with the domain name http: //, https: //, www. and other variants.
  • [FIX # 002] The numerous translation errors of the website have been corrected.
  • Added protection against CSRF.
  • The web service has been further optimized.

However, we know that there are still more errors and we ask for your collaboration again sending it to our bugtracker.

This is all for today, we will continue working on making this website more pleasant little by little.